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Lincs Aquatics

Lincolnshire Branch

01507 451000

South Yorkshire Branch

01302 711639

About Lincs Aquatics

Our website is currently under construction; please bear with us! 

As an independent, family-run business we pride ourselves on both the quality of our service, and the range of our products. With over 11,000 product lines in store, we aim to be able to provide a one stop shop for aquarists, reptile keepers and water gardeners alike. 

Open 7 days a week, Lincs aquatics award winning stores are at the cutting edge of the modern hobby, with expert staff who are always happy to offer help and advice. From reef tanks to water features, Lincs aquatics stores offer unrivalled choice, service and pricing.

Our Stores


At 30,000 square feet, our flagship store is one of the largest in the U.K. The store houses over 200 tanks for tropical livestock, 80 saltwater tanks, nearly 100 pond vats and over 80 vivariums. 


South Yorkshire

Established in 2011 the South Yorkshire branch of Lincs Aquatics is now the largest in the area. With ample free parking, 375 livestock tanks and 10,000 square feet of retail space.